A Virtuous Life: Justice

I just finished week 3 of Darlene Schacht’s current bible study on A Virtuous Life.  Darlene’s a blogger over at Time Warp Wife. This week’s theme was about Justice. Justice is about fair, righteous, honesty and integrity. This is a cardinal virtue. We are to be holy like Christ so we are supposed to offer grace to both the just and the unjust. When we are being good to others, we are being good to Christ at the same time. If we exercise mercy, kindness and grace, it will bring glory to God.

In Genesis 39, Joseph remained faithful to the Lord even when Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce him to sleeping with her. He denied her knowing that was wrong. The Lord loved Joseph’s faithful dedication to Him so He was willing to help Joseph be successful in everything he did. We are to keep our eyes on the Lord so that we do things in life that honors him and he will help us. We are to keep turning away from sin. We are to keep being content with God. Wisdom and grace can’t be taken away from us. Our enemies can’t steal us away from the Lord. The lust’s power takes away our decency, reputation and conscience. God is against sin and its nature, domination and love and design of it. It’s stressed that those who love God hate sin. We are to follow in the same path of submitting and suffering to the same place of glory which is God.

In Genesis 45, Joseph is faithful and just because of his compassion towards his brothers. It reflected God’s kindness with salvation. We can tell our people that God loves us and we can live our lives in compassion towards others. We are to walk in humility and kindness as it brings glory to God. Christ makes himself and his loving kindness known to his people just as Joseph did with his brothers and his father. Christ encourages his people to draw near to him with a true heart. We are to set our eyes on heaven, not at the world. We all have the one true Father.

In Samuel 24, David spares Saul’s life. Bad things come from bad people. The Lord will be the judge in who gets rewarded and who gets punished. We are to let the Lord decide what to do. We are to love our enemies. Point them up to God. Leave the battles up to God. We are to choose wisely. Us as Christians are to overcome evil with good. We are to be thankful of the Lord’s love and salvation.

Stay tuned for the fourth and final week of Darlene Schacht’s A Virtuous Life bible study. It’ll be about Fortitude….

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