Mother & Son: The Respect Effect Part II

I am back to talk more about the current book that I’ve been reading that is Mother & Son: The Respect Effect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. God designed sons to work & achieve; provide for, protect and even die; be strong, lead and make decisions, analyze, solve & counsel, have shoulder to shoulder friendship; sexually understand and know.

CHAIRS as defined by Dr. Emerson Eggerich is as follows: conquest, hierarchy, authority, insight, relationship and sexuality. Men are designed to be the head and manager of families. Boys want to be a respected hero. Here is a male virtue:

act like me, be strong–1 Corinthians 16:13

Conquest is about respecting your son’s desire to work and achieve. I think of Logan in this as he strives to do well at home and at school.   The desire to be perfect. We as moms can say” yes, you will be an honorable man. You have what it takes. God has given you the abilities and desires to make a difference in the field of your choosing.” As a mom, we have the joy in helping our sons find God’s field for them to work and achieve in that area. We can tell our sons that we respect them by saying that and why. Like for Jackson, I can tell him that I respect him in picking up toys. Like for Logan and Austin, I can tell them that I respect him in that he saved his money to buy pokemon cards. He chose to achieve that goal and did it.

Hierarchy is that God designed boys to have a natural desire to provide, protect and even die for them. As a Christian man, they are to safeguard women and children because that is their divine duty. We as moms and as wives are to praise our sons and husbands when they do and or say that. We are to affirm our sons’ virtues and correct the vices. Headship is about serving and dying; a male thing; a responsibility; and honorable duty. As moms, we are to honor and guide our sons in being strong and protect the innocent from the bad people. We are to honor the little things that our sons do like opening/closing doors. J did that for me when I went to get him in the babysitting room at the church after my mom’s group session this morning.

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