A Virtuous Life: Prudence

I’ve started to follow a new bible study led by Darlene Schacht over at Time Warp Wife. This is another four week session.   It’s about A Virtuous Life.     There are four cardinal virtues that includes prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude. All these virtues are based on our behaviors.

This week was focused on prudence. Prudence means to be alert, cautious and wise. Prudence can be found in wisdom, foresight and practical judgment. Here are a couple scriptures for this week’s virtue:

The wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way: but the folly of fools is deceit–Proverbs 14:8

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that given to all men liberally, and upbraided not; and it shall be given him–James 1:5

In Esther 4 and 5, we see that Esther is a good example of prudence. She knew not to rush in with what needed to be done for her people. She told them to pray and fast. She had the power of God to prevail because of her faith. We are to venture to God’s service. Esther had strong faith. She believed in hope and that was found in God. We are kept safe because we belong to Him. We are called to love and share grace. We are to be courageous and step forward wisely. Not only wisdom should be used in good times, but also especially so in hard times.

In Ruth 3, Ruth is seen as a virtuous woman. She had kindness. Kindness is one of the fruits from the Sprit and it honors God. We are to rejoice in the Lord.   Ruth had wisdom, prudence and strength. Marriage is to be taken seriously. If we want to be virtuous woman, we need to be still and lay ourselves at the foot of Christ and seek God’s direction

In Proverbs 31, we read about more about what it means to be a virtuous woman. Virtuous woman are worth more than jewels. She does good for and by her husband. She has a strong strength. She has respect of her people. She is very confident especially of her future. She speaks with wisdom. She has respect for the Lord. We are to let the Lord lead us in being virtuous woman in our roles of being a wife and mother. We are to respect our husbands, kids and everyone else in our lives. We are to have the Lord be at the centre of our lives. Virtuous woman has strong trust. She looks after her house well. She gives freely and cheerfully. She has love and kindness in her heart and on her tongue. Virtuous woman are truly beloved, respectful, useful and honorable.

Stay tuned for week two on temperance next week….


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