Mother & Son: The Respect Effect Part I

Mother & Son: The Respect Effect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs is the newest book that I am reading and it’s the first “kindle” book I bought on my new kindle (that was one of the xmas gifts from the hubby this past Dec). It’s very interesting. I thought this would be a good book to read seeing that I am a mom and I do have sons, three of them to be exact. I’m sure I am being a good mom but I would love to be a better one and who doesn’t love to have a better relationship with your kids? Maybe I can raise them to be even better men in the end too. I’ve been told my boys are great. Very polite, well-behaved and all that, but we live in this life where we are always growing in Christ and to be more Christ-like.

I’ve read one of his other books, the Love and Respect earlier this year and I’ve done a few posts on that in the past specifically last month. Here are the links to those posts:

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I learned that husbands crave more respect than love and it is the same for sons. So I want to learn to give and receive respect with my boys too.

I want to share what I have gathered so far. I’ve gotten up to end of Chapter 3 at this point. When it comes to Mother and Son, there has to be several respect areas in place for boys. The following would be like Respect-Thoughts, Respect-Feelings, Respect-Morals, Respect-Volatiles, Respect-Interactions and Respect-Soul. Eggerichs said that sons are to honor that image of God.   Sons are a willing spirit but a weak flesh. We are as moms to raise them to be more Christ like in respect terms. That’s the key that as moms that we demonstrate respect while demanding it at the same time.

There are six things that we as moms are to give our boys:

  • give a child’s basic physical needs to be met
  • understand that child is not provoked or exasperated
  • instruct so that your child can know and apply God’s wisdom
  • discipline so that your child can correct poor choices
  • encourage so your child can be encouraged to develop God-given gifts
  • supplicate in prayer so your child can experience God’s touch and truth

So we basically apply respect with wisdom and impact. Mothers coach the kids through the Lord’s instruction. That is Respect Talk. It’s said in Jude 22: Be merciful to those who doubt. Also in Proverbs 29:15, a child who gets his own way brings shame to his mother.

We can say that “I discipline you because this is the way of honoring you to be like the Lord.” The children are these pe who choose parents’ faith and values. We as moms can control our actions and reactions. It’s better for us to be loving and respectful to motivate our sons. The Lord is our source of power and love for the deepest need of the heart.


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