My “No” Regrets as a Mom

I definitely don’t regret having my boys being cared for other people. I allowed my boys to have sleepovers with my parents and my in-laws from the time they were 2 months old and beyond. I wanted them to have a relationship with them. And this would be one of the ways where the boys would learn early on to not be clingy to mom and dad.   My boys have also been cared for with my sil, Ashley a lot as well. They have also on rare occasion cared by a close friend as well. 

I don’t regret that my boys aren’t in a lot of activities. I’m just not that type of always on the go mom.   I do like them active to a certain degree though.   My older two are in school so they get their daily exercise at recess time. They also play soccer from May to August (started last year and will continue this year) and take swimming lessons yearly. I take my youngest to play group once-twice a week depending on my schedule. I’m sure the boys may want to be involved in more things when t hey are in their teens and that’s fine. We will deal with that when we cross that bridge. We are home bodies too so we like relaxing time when we can.

I don’t regret having mom time/me time. It’s actually beneficial for me. I come back more happier and recharged.   And I want to do more with my kids and my husband when I get back and even with the housework.   And I like having daddy time too. So date nights and vacations are wonderful too!

I don’t regret in picking battles. I mean, yes, I wanted to make sure my oldest did what was told to do and do necessary things. I’ve relaxed so much more once I had Austin and more so with Jackson. I decide what’s worth or more important than other things.   I surely try to do what would please Jesus. Not always perfect but I try!  I am me. My boys love me for what I am.   Life is too short. Who cares what other moms do. As long my boys have Jesus, love, security, grace, affections. They are good!

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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