A Walk Through The Mass

I was at my mom’s group today at the church. This week’s session was about walking through the mass through the symbolon dvd. Basically learning what is the mystery or significance of the mass in the Catholic Church. The heart of the mass is about Christ’s sacrifice for us.

There are four parts that goes into the Christian Mass. The Mass usually happens on Holy Saturday or Sunday.   For us as a family, we attend the 10:30 mass on Sundays.  Sometimes if we’re on a date night, then we’ll try to attend the 5:00 mass on Saturdays.

First part of the mass is about the introduction rites. This helps us get ready to encounter God. Basically we prepare our spiritual souls.

The 2nd part is the liturgy of the Word. The word is of Jesus Christ himself. So this is us encountering God through the bible via the scriptures in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The 3rd part of the mass is about the Eucharist. We receive Jesus in holy communion through the bread and wine. This is Jesus at his last supper. We are celebrating the love of the cross.

Finally, the mass ends with concluding rites. This enables us to take Jesus into our daily lives. The mass is not the end of something, but rather the beginning of something. We need to see Jesus within our spirits. 

This Sunday obligation is a gift for us because he made us and knows us. God wants us to be more like Christ-like. This is our need to worship Him.   The mass is the heart of the Christian life. This is our strengthening to be today’s disciples of Jesus.


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