Aging and Bodies

As we age, our bodies change physically. It’s just a fact of life.   It’s important to keep loving your spouse’s body as they age too.   I want to keep growing old with my hsuband. I’ve been with this man since I was 17.

I love my husband’s arms, butt and his penis because they are his.   And I love that.   My husband has been through lots of weight change. Gain and loss throughout our relationship. I still love him. I still find him sexy.   He does have a bald spot in his hair for a while now and starting to have some grey but I still adore him.   His smile and his eyes are a favorite. He has whitened his teeth.   As I age, I find there are more and more things of him physically that I love as I age with him.

I’ve been through so much physically myself. And even after my body isn’t the same as I’ve popped out three living kids, one stillborn and miscarried one. He still finds me beautiful and loves my body. I’ve asked him in the past about my boobs or my private parts and he still tells me that I’m beautiful.

There are certain people who are wanting to keep the appearance as they desire in the person they love.   Certain size of boobs/penis and weight and stuff like that.   Society has changed what the norm should be and I’m like who cares.   It’s still important to love your lover for what they look like now and even into the future.   It’s part of who they are and absolutely their personality should prioritize more than their looks.

I mean don’t just love them just because of how beautiful they are on the outside, but love them on the inside too! I’ve always known not just to fall for someone just because they are hot.   You want the whole package.


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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