Husband Encouragement

One of the beautiful ways of being a godly wife to your husband is encouraging them. It can be as far as being supportive in their dreams and goals and what they do on a daily basis and thanking them for all they do. It goes a long way for them and they love you that much more and more thankful for you! I did a blog post a while back about encouragement as a help meet. Click on that if you want to know more about that.

I want to share a few encouragements for my husband today.   I am thankful that my husband takes the time to help our oldest, Logan with his reading homework. Logan has more patience with him than with me. I do this when my husband is unable to do this though. He is a fantastic daddy. He makes my heart smile!

My husband brought me roses last week for just because. My husband has always been romantic that way for me for as long we have been together. 15 years.   I still have a vase from my parents that they gave for our engagement, 12 years ago.. and their reason why was because they know how much my husband loves to get roses for me and they wanted me to have a nice beautiful vase to put those heartwarming flowers in when these moments happen.

My husband got my kindle for Christmas and I was thinking about actually getting around to using it yesterday but I wanted his help. He sort of beat me to the punch and told me that he would set it up yesterday. He did open it and start it up. I handled the rest but still a sweet gesture.  Read my mind? 😉

My husband always asks if there is anything that he can do for me… something to do with the kids or the housework or pray. He loves seeing me happy. Anything to bring joy and bring stress down.

Because of my hearing disability, I have to rely on my husband to make phone calls for me.. .mainly appointments (whether it’s for me or the kids). I don’t hear very well on the phone.   I am thankful that he is willing to do that for me. I do try to do those if they allow appointments set up through email. He recently just did one for our youngest Jackson, concerned about his teeth.

Honestly, I love everything and anything that he does for me and the kids. My husband is such a caring, affectionate and amazing man and daddy. I’m thankful that Christ continues to work in me and my husband as we journey on in our marriage 🙂


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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