Faith & Provision: Week 4

I just completed the final week in Faith & Provision bible study led by Darlene Schacht over at Time Warp Wife.   This week’s theme was about that faith can move mountains.  When we give trust in Him, it gives God glory.

In 2 Kings 4,  God can take away death if you believe in Him.  Shunammite’s son had died and she had faith in Elisha to pray and save him.   We are to let him do his work when we pray for him. That we can have a life.  Prayer is a powerful tool to have.  It can give life even in death.  Faith is sacrificing our lives for others. Putting the Lord first and giving our loved ones to Him.  We can be blessed in unexpected, and troubled times and ways.  A loss of mercy shouldn’t let us undervalue the gift of it.  It is the spirit that gives life.  Sneezing is lifelessness. We are to give respect to those who sneeze.

In 1 Kings 17,  we read about Elijah and the Widow.  Prayer can send help for the Lord and show faith.  Another boy was risen from death by laying on top of him three times and praying. We are to take up Christ’s cross daily and follow Him.  It is God’s way, in his glory to make use of the week and foolish things and put  honor on them.  We need to do God’s promise in giving his dues out first and giving him his part first. We are to seek trust, his kingdom.  Frist fruits belong to God. Happy is about believing to have hope.  We rejoice when God makes the mountains move.  Our sins are the death of our children.

In Exodus 14,  we read about the parting of the red sea.  The Israelites saw great power from the Lord as he helped them defeat Pharaoh and his Egypt people. They now had fear and respect for the Lord and began to trust Him and Moses.  We are to step aside so t hat the Lord can do his work in  us and have patience even when we don’t understand.  We are to be still with the Lord.  There is nothing that God can’t handle.  He has great power and wisdom to lead us.  God can raise difficulties so that he can help  us overcome them. We have to raise above our fears and not let Satan win so that the Lord can help.  The Lord can fight for us.  He carries all our burdens more than we can handle.  Grace always belongs to God.

 Lord, you are my lamp. You Lord, turn the darkness around me into light

–2 Samuel 22:29

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