PJ VS Getting Dressed

Well when school is in session, we have no choice but to get dressed for the day during the Mon-Fri deal.  Even my youngest son, Jackson who isn’t in school yet.  So I make my boys get dressed b/w 8 and 8:30.  We are a little lazier on the weekend.   They will stay in PJ’s until about 11 am or so (and same with me).  Except that it’s little bit earlier on Sundays when we go to church. They will get dressed around 9-9:30am  There are more PJ times in the summer as well along with any holiday breaks the boys get off from school (Christmas and March Break) and their assigned PD days.   I do let them choose what they want to wear as long it’s weather appropriate. I do choose what they wear for special days like church and family functions and holidays and first day of school and picture day and family photo shoots.

I used to have a lot of lazier days when my boys were a lot younger, especially in their first year.  I didn’t dress them or my boys much.  They lived in their sleepers or pjs.

I like being comfy a lot.   But when I do get dressed.  You can find me mostly in tank tops and jeans.   I do like to be feeling and wearing prettier outfits if I am going to church or a family function or doing photography or having a night out with my husband or my friends or to a wedding.

PJ and getting dressed both have their pros and cons. I’ve been productive both ways though.  IT does depend on the day and how I am feeling though.


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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