Adult Bedtimes

I am a mom so I do have a bedtime schedule for my kiddos.  Right now it is 8pm.  It works for my three kids.  We do occasionally let them stay up a little later if someone is babysitting them so we could have a date night or I have a girls night out or we had been o out to a family function longer than usual.  I let the grandparents be in charge of when it’s bedtime for the kids when they have them spend the night at their house.  In the summer, we do change the bedtime to 9pm.   Blackout blinds are a godsend though. Even if the sun is out, it still darkens the room.

Anyway,  it’s always good for adults to have bedtimes too.  I love sleeping with my husband.   Now, I don’t always get the opportunity to go to bed with him at the same time.  He works at Toyota so he has shift work hours that change every two weeks with days and nights.  But when we do get to be physically in the bed together…. day shift and weekends,  we try to aim for somewhere between 10-11pm.  We will sometimes stay up later on the weekends.  There are times where one of us have fallen asleep before the other due to being really tired or being really sick.  Like last night, my husband was sound asleep before 8:30 and he’s battling a cold. I stayed up to watch a couple shows and then joined my husband in sleep land.    We are in the bedroom anyway once the kids are in bed. So we generally have a couple hours to be together… watch movies/tv, make love, pray, talk and cuddle and yes, we do have phone time too.  We are in our 30’s, married and we don’t very often have nights out with friends or other people.  We did more so when we were in our 20’s and was before we had kids.  It’s much harder with kids and I prefer my husband as my main company all the time anyway.

So join  your spouse and spend tine with them before going to sleep in the bedroom and sleep with them when they are wanting to go to bed.  Sometimes your body does thank you for the extra needed sleep!



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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