Faith & Provision: Week 3

This week’s bible study on Faith and Provision run by Darlene Schacht over at Time Warp Wife is about that Faith Glorifies GodFaith is very powerful when it comes to the Lord.

In 1 Kings 18,  there was a reading about Elijah and the Fire from Heaven.  The Lord is the true God. We are to follow Him.  They had prayed and rejoiced and did the work while waiting for the Lord to answer their prayers and give them fire.  The Lord had eventually opened the skies and brought down fire. We are to apply God in every area in our lives both in good and bad times.  We are to always be patient and thankful.  God prepares our hearts and ears so that we can turn to Him and he will in turn towards us.  We have a choice who we serve but God is the right choice.  He rejoices when we choose Him and want to follow Him.  God gives judgment to sin. He answers with fire.  Rain is God’s river.

In Daniel 6, David was thrown in the Lion’s Den. But prior to that he had a daily ritual of praying three times a day. That is how faithful David was to the Lord. God knew how true David was to Him so he made the choice to shut the lion’s jaws and so he was saved.  We are to do what is always right and that alone glorifies Him.  That is for everything we say and do in this life.  We are to allow Him to do his work in us, even in hard, difficult times.  We are to walk carefully.  We are in God’s eyes more than we are in other’s eyes in this physical world.  It’s noted that every house should be a prayer houseThanksgiving is stressed to be part of our prayer.  That it is good to at least pray three times every day meaning morning, noon and evening.  All of our footsteps should be pointing to  Him. God will take care of justice.

In Daniel 3,  there was a fourth men in the fire.  Three men had trusted God with their bodies and their life. Their trust was huge that they relied on Him to save them from burning in the fire.  The fourth men had appeared and it was one of God’s angels.  To show everyone else that it was indeed God’s power.  The lesson is to only follow God. Ignore other idols. Put Satan behind.  God is true, faithful, mighty and powerful.  Everything in our lives that has glory belongs to Him.  Good thoughts of God will help us carry through sufferings that we come across in this life.  Our souls are worth more than our bodies.

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