One Marriage

In this week’s devotional from J. Parker’s book, Intimacy Revealed: 52 Devotions to Enchance Sex in Marriage is about letting no one separate.   She says that life’s societal demands can crowd out sexual intimacy in marriage.  Satan is the master at ruining things and that includes marriage and sex.  But as long we cling to God and his faith and hope, we can win.  With His help, we can stay true to our spouses. 

In today’s world,  you see so many things that you become addicted or “married” to like your job, drugs, video games, the internet, phone games, pornography, prostitution, friends and even your kids etc.  You choose that over your spouse and the marriage all the time. Like you don’t “have” or “make” time for them.  Everything else becomes your world.

On a daily basis, my husband’s job seperates us from being together all the time. But I am a stay at home mom and he’s the only one actually making “income”.    There are our three kids who are vying for our attention as well.  In the past,  many many years ago… my husband would spend so much time playing an online video game which is still around today,  World of Warcraft. But I was also on the computer a lot too.  That has since changed obviously.

Because I am home with the kids, I am still able to see my husband before or after work, depending on his shift hours.  So we do what we can to cherish whatever time we have together.  Talking, watching shows, playing games, and of course sex when possible, etc.

We choose to fight for our marriage.  Because everything else can come and go.  But our marriage is for forever. The kids will eventually leave us.  We need to be able to stay together.  To keep staying married and happy and deeply in love.  Still knowing each other and wanting one another’s company all the time.  I pray for any opportunity that I am able to share with my husband.  My husband is my world.  He’s made me the most happiest for the last 15 years and I couldn’t be able to get that from anyone else.  God destined this beautiful man for me.  That I am serve and submit to my husband and he is to do the same for me.   Our unity is so strong, much better now than when we were first married. So thankful for God’s help in staying committed!  


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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