The Eucharist

This morning, the Eucharist was discussed via the symbolon  dvd around the mom’s group at the church. I obviously knew what the communion was for, but it was nice to know it more in depth and it was explained in simple terms and to the point as well.

The Eucharist is what makes Catholics, Catholics.  This is Jesus himself. 

It’s found in John 6:54 that “eat my flesh and drink my blood gives you eternal life“.  The flesh is the bread and the blood is the wine.

The bread looks like bread. There is a change of substance. This is the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus. This is his sacrifice for us. So that we can be one with Jesus.  This is holy.  This helps us have renewed life and love for Jesus.  This is the importance of thanksgiving.  This is the unity of faith.  This is what we Catholics practice in the church.  It is  part of the holy mass.  It also gives the unity of faith which is the state of grace.

We are given the first communion for the first time usually as a child around age 7/8 and in Grade 2.   But there are adults who become Catholics in later life, and they get all that as soon they are baptized in the church.  My son Logan will be doing this sacrament next year… usually around May.   I’m looking forward to celebrating this special occasion with him.   My husband got to do that sacrament (and the baptism) before we were married. I was his sponsor into the church and it was beautiful.

Now with this new understanding, I have this deeper love for this sacrament knowing that every time I am in church attending mass, and that I want to be renewing every time with my relationship with Jesus.  That I continue to want to be “one” with Him.  I don’t always drink the wine every time I have the bread but now I do want to do that more often.  I need to have both parts of Jesus’ sacrifice. To feel more whole with Him.




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