Faith & Provision: Victory (Week 2)

I just finished my 2nd week of Darlene Schacht’s current 4 week bible study on Faith and Provision.  This week’s theme was about Victory.   Faith gains victory.   It can be done with our weakness.  With our weakness, we can rely on God’s grace more.  It is through our obedience with God that our faith grows more.  That we use Him more. We listen to Him. That we wait for Him.  That He owns our lives. He owns our bodies.  He created us. We belong to Him.

In Samuel,  I read about David and Goliath.   God is mighty and powerful.  David relied on God to fight Goliath. It was through his faith in God that the simplicity of using rocks to hit on Goliath and slicing his throat that David was able to save himself.  God shares that it doesn’t matter if you are young and small.  If you follow Him, he will help you.   We are to rely on God even in hard times.   God knew that David was honorable.  David was a type of Christ like a good Sheppard.   We know that when children are under parents’ eyes, they are still under God’s eyes.  God’s our true Father.   Our life experiences improve greatly when we trust in God and do His duty.  It’s noted that David had God’s armor.  Goliath was basically like Satan.

Moreover, Joshua,  I read about the battle of Jericho.  Joshua listened to the Lord because he ordered his army to do certain things that He had asked for them to do.  Nothing was destroyed until the seventh day.  The  7th day is biblically known as the day of rest or Sabbath.  Joshua was able to save Rahab and her spies.  Through God’s glory, Joshua was well known for keeping Israel safe.  We are to allow the Lord intervene in our lives.  We have more life if we follow Him. He rewards us if we are being Christ-like.  It was by faith that the walls of Jericho fell down.  It’s noted that the priests are God’s ministers.  Faith can take down Satan and his evilness.

Thus in  Judges, I read about Gideon and the small army.   Faith was used with God choosing certain number of people (only 300) for Gideon to be able to claim victory.  These people had God’s strength.  Times of struggle, sickness and etc. is where we can gain more strength and trust in God. We can share His grace with those who are in hard times too.  Through encouragement and uplifting them in prayer too.  Those who fear and are faint-hearted aren’t meant for God.  God chooses strong people to carry on His work. That they carry on his grace and strength and give the glory back to Him.  The sword of the Lord is victory!

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