Faith Replace Fear=Mark Week One

Last week, I dived in another bible study with Courtney over at Women Living Well (and Good Morning Girls) as well.   Courtney is leading for the next few weeks on the Book of Mark from the Bible.  We read one chapter a day for 5 days  (breaking for the weekend).   The book of Mark is interesting so far.

I really liked Mark 4 especially near the end where Jesus is in a storm on a boat with his followers.  His followers are afraid of the very intense storm so they wake Jesus. They refer Jesus as “Teacher”.  They had this fear that they were going to die .   Jesus had the power to calm the storm with the wind and the water by saying quiet and be still.  Jesus had questioned his followers by asking them these questions:

“Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?” (Mark 4.40).

We realize that the power of Jesus brings us peace in the midst of our own life storms. I’ve had life storms of my own. My marriage.  My stillbirth. My miscarriage. My only OR surgery (cochlear implant) at 6.  Money.  There’s probably more than I don’t realize.  Faith is our comfort and healing. 

Faith inspires  us to be bold.   I’ve found boldness in a lot of things in my life. I’ve not allowed my hearing disability stop me from doing things I wanted to do all my life as a child, as a teen, and even as a adult.  Even in uncomfortable positions. If this is what God wants us to do, we are to obey!

We are to remember that Jesus is with us.  He calms our storms.  He guides in our trials. Jesus is really our anchor.  Faith is part of that anchor.  We are to keep our eyes and ears and hearts on Him.  That is the lesson there. That we are to replace fear with faith.  In everything.  Every moment that we breath life in this world.


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