January/February 2016 Update

Just sharing what has gone on with me and my family during the first couple months of 2016. Its been good so far!


  • date night to the knights game with my husband.  We aren’t hard core fans of hockey but we do occasionally like to watch our city’s team play hockey. It’s always something different to do as a couple.
  • went to a graduation/game night celebration for my sister in law, Ashley. We had the boys with us, so we only lasted a couple hours but we still had a great time.
  • Isaiah and I had a mini-vacation away from the kids for 5 days.  We went to Toronto with our friends, Vic and Amanda and met up with another friend, Matt on a Wednesday.  Spent the night there in a hotel overnight.  We all flew to Florida the next day.  Matt had a earlier flight.  We flew with Vic and Amanda.  So that was a first for us. Flying with friends!  We had a great time.   We spent Thurs night to Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville at a rented beach house. It was a lot of fun.  We had gone there for a friend’s wedding (which happened on that Saturday) for Isaac and Ashley.   We arrived home late Sunday night. Our luggage got lost in Atlanta (we had a connecting flight there and on the way home) but it made it safely home the next day (Thank you, Delta and Air Canada on keeping your promise!)



  • pedicure/eyelash time with my mom
  • went to Kyle and Julie’s wedding.  Family wedding. So we were on adult time with my parents, my brother’s and their ladies.  It was a fun time. And it was in town so all good!
  • dog sat my parents’ dog for a week while they were away
  • Valentine’s Day celebration–in church (our 2016 anniversary in May got recognized for 10 years!); my husband and kids gave me flowers and VS perfume and had Swiss chalet dinner
  • Family Day was swimming as a family at Carling Heights and spent time outside in our backyard as a family as well
  • belated family day dinner at Spring Stone the following weekend with my parents and brothers and ladies
  • pictures taken at my church with the pope Francis cutout. It was pretty cool. It looked pretty realistic though!
  • paint night with my ladies, Tanya and Tammy doing an owl. It was a fun night!
  • Logan and Austin started their swimming lessons last Saturday
  • Jackson just started on Monday with his swimming lessons



About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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