Learning To Love: Agape

I just finished the final week of Darlene Schacht’s 4 week bible study on Learning to Love. Darlene’s a blogger I follow. She is over at Time Warp Wife.  This final week was about agape.   This love is the strongest love out of the four. It stands the test of time, longer than storage, philia and Eros.  Jesus loves the church as his bride.

Agape love is unconditional It reflects God’s love for us.   In this world, we are here to serve God.  Everything comes from Him.  It is said in John’s 15:12 that one of his commandments is that we are to love another as He has loved us.

In John,  we read about Jesus and his doubt of love that Peter has for him.  Peter did tell him after the third time that he does love Jesus.   We are to love and follow Jesus. We don’t have to wait for the day he comes again to follow Him.  God wants us to do that now.  We can love others by loving Jesus and sharing His love with them.  We can guide and support them in their spiritual life.   We know that this type of love is self-less, sacrificial and unconditional.   God’s forgiveness is part of His unconditional love.  Christians are to testify, delight and edify each other in everything.  Christ is always here and we are to go to Him for comfort.  We are to excel in our love for Him.  Christ knows us better than we do of ourselves.

In 1 Corinthians 13,  this is the love chapter. We learn what love really means.  Love is several things. It is patient, kind, not jealous, not bragging, not proud, not rude, not selfish, not easily angered, doesn’t remember wrongs, never gives up, keeps trusting, gives hope, and doesn’t quit.  God gives faith, hope and love.  Love is the greatest of them all.  We can love others as God has loved us even with our enemies.  Jesus is the example of agape love.  He has true love to God and man.  Love is charity.   Charity is good in this life.  It provides kindness in our lips, heart and hand.   It overpowers envy, pride and vain-glory.  Charity is calming.   It teaches us to do by the faults of others. We give up ourselves. We put others first.  Faith is the divine revelation. Hope is the future felicity.  Love is more than faith and hope. It is everlasting with Christ.  We remember God is love.

In Isaiah 53,  we read the greatest love story of all through Jesus.  Jesus took our suffering so we could have peace and be free of sin.   We can be humble when we serve others. We are to do what is right.  God will do the final judgment.  God is grace Christ had done the Father’s will. He took atonement of sin for us by suffering with patience.  He is the beauty of holiness and goodness.  He is the lamb of God.   We are guilty before God. Sins are our sorrows and grief.  It is a crime, more so a disease. It leads to the death of our soul.   Jesus had known no sin.  His crucifixion was our peace and healing.  His prayer to the Lord was of mercy.  Faith is the knowledge of Christ.


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