Obtaining my driver’s license ever since I became a teen was one of the goals. I’ve been deaf since I was a baby. I operate with a cochlear implant (i had to go under surgery for that at 6 years old) and a great lip reader.   The year I was turning 16 which was 1999, I remember reading the drivers book.  I could have written my test on my birthday, but I felt I wasn’t ready yet.  A couple months later in August, I was.  Just right before my cousin’s wedding. I was a bridesmaid.  I passed the test. I was like oh yay!  

Then that fall, I enrolled in the after school program that was driver’s ed. I spent one night a week for a few weeks at my high school in the classroom.  I chose to do that because I learned that you could get your G2 faster if you took the course which included some on hands driving after the classroom part was finished.  Instead of waiting a year, you could get it at 8 months.  

I finished the classroom part of the course, and I would spend my lunches once/twice a week with the driver teacher via Jock Shields Driving School program.  Well about half way through the on hands driving course… about 4 weeks in…. I was driving home with my mom from Costco and I got in accident. It wasn’t my fault though.  The other driver on the other side of the intersection didn’t stop for the red light.  We were okay. But I was pretty upset.   The family car was a lease… I couldn’t drive for at least a month.  But I did eventually finish the course. 

My parents believed that I needed longer driving experience than I anticipated to have.  So I ended up having the g1 for a year and half.  I obtained the g2 in January of 2001.  It was winter time.  I just knew that I would pass and I did. I had faith in God.  I only waited just little over a year before getting the final G which was in April 2002. I passed that no problem too.

Anyway, I just knew in general that driving would be one of my ways to gain more independence as a individual.  I still took the bus to my high school and university and anywhere else I wanted to go like to see my husband or the mall. I honestly didn’t really have my first car (that I actually owned) until I was 24.  But my husband did have his car so I would drive his when I was able to because I still had my license.

I loved the freedom that driving gave me. I’ve always liked speed LOL. But of course, I would stay within the limits of the city and the highway.  It’s crazy to think that I’ve been a driver since I was 16 and I’m almost 33.

Of course, my driving fear changed a little bit after I had my kids.  I don’t particularly like the highway as much I used to. I’m always nervous that something would happen. I tend to trust my husband more with that if we have to be on it for a day trip or a vacation.  Since he commutes the highway to work and home every day. 

I love that I have the van. It’s my “mommy” vehicle. It’s big and bulky.  It can be tricky when it comes to parking though.   But there is fantastic room for everybody.   Us, the boys and our dog and other things.   I love that I can take the boys to places if I need to or for my me time.

I was particularly proud of myself in January this year though.  My husband wasn’t feeling well on our way home from Florida (we had flown back to Toronto but still had to drive the 2-3 hours back to London).   My husband thought he could manage the whole way home driving but he finally let me in Woodstock.  So I only drove the 45 mins on the highway and it was like after 11pm.  I’m not big on nighttime driving, but there was hardly any one on the highway so it made it easy for me to maneuver the  trip home.  I posted on fb about that because I was so proud.   I still need to work on the fear with the kids in the car when I’m in the drivers seat in the car/van on the highway. 

But I still love to drive in the city and I absolutely love it more when it’s spring and summer.  More daylight and warm air 🙂

I have friends who don’t drive (even my husband does too) and we do have a couple family members who don’t but I think driving should be a goal. You don’t want to restrict yourself in going places.  Even in the city and outside of it.  There is always going to be insane drivers who don’t care and don’t drive well.  The fact is that as long you know how the roads are and what you should be doing when in the drivers’ seat, you will be fine.  I know there is the caution of weather, but again, as long you protect yourself and know what to do especially with snow and ice, then you are good.

I always trust in the Lord every time I drive.  And I do pray for protection especially for my husband. He is a great driver, but he is on the high way a lot, and like I said, there are crazy drivers out there that are absolutely way worse than my husband.  I pray for his safety into work and on the way home. I worry more in the winter, because of snow and ice conditions.   And I do pray for myself if I drive in blast winter weather especially so if I have the kids in tow too.  So Prayer is always a great tool, even in the car!



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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