Boys Transitioning to Men

Honestly, I didn’t really have a specific list of what I wanted my future husband to be able to do as a man and as a husband. I knew that God would pick the perfect one for me.  Enough for my husband and I to  be able to balance each other out.

I love that my husband can do stuff around the house.  I mean, he’s not super handy with tools, but he can be with basic stuff with the help of you tube.  I focus more on the things that he can help me with if needed like cooking, laundry, making the bed, clean rooms. Of course, I do all these things day in and day out, but he is willing to  help me out if he’s home to make things easier on me.   He handles our bills online.   He does the lawn mowing, the garbage stuff, the kitty litter.  So I do appreciate all that he can do.

While I can be better at cooking per my husband, he is awesome with organizing things.  Food, clothes, furniture and etc.   So I’m thankful for that too.

We are parents to three boys.  We plan to teach them into becoming men themselves.   My husband also can groom himself. He showers daily after work and brushes his teeth and etc. every day.  The boys have the chores of making their bed (which doesn’t always happen),  feeding our dog food and water, putting their dishes away, brushing their teeth, clothing themselves, and cleaning the basement every night after playing with toys.  Of course, we will teach them much more.   We also make a habit of praying during dinner and at bedtime.   We are constantly teaching them manners too (which my husband has learned along the way from his mom and everyone who has been in his life, including me).

We definitely want our boys to grow up independently, and have the ability to make good choices for himself and for their future wives.   My husband is also responsible for his job outside of the house too.   I want our boys to be proactive in everything they do in life at home and at school and everywhere else they go in life. I know that God will lead them in the way they should be in Christ as well.  I have and will continue to pray for them as well.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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