The Proposal

Before meeting my husband, I had no idea honestly when I would be married.  I just knew that God would lead me to my husband and that I would be married young and have kids young.  I honestly didn’t have a specific list of what I wanted to see in my future husband.  For the most part, I left that decision of who my husband would be up to God. Like all females, we like our men to be sexy and to have things and dreams in common.

God had lead my husband to me at 17.   We actually met through my ex-boyfriend at the time, T in 2000, and we stayed friends for like another 10 months  before getting serious together in 2001.

Isaiah and I knew early on in our relationship that we were the one for each other and we had confessed that to each other.  I told him that I fell in love in Grand Bend that weekend we became a couple.  He did the week before at the park. However, it was very fast already in the relationship and honestly, I wanted us to enjoy being a couple and get to know each other more deeply before getting engaged. Our connection was very strong and realistic though. We talked about everything… like dreams, religion, things in common, hobbies, and etc. We love each other.  We balance each other out.

I knew in late 2003, that I would likely get engaged sometime in 2004.  2004 was our three year anniversary.  We had gone ring shopping in fall of 2003 and my husband sent me an email a week before Valentine’s Day in 2004, which of the 4 engagement rings I liked the most.   I emailed him back my request.  What I didn’t know until later, that within that week, Isaiah had gone out and bought the ring and kept it a secret from me and my family. His family and friends knew that he would be proposing to me eventually.  My husband tells me that we are going away for a weekend for our anniversary like an hour and half away from our city.   We had never done that before and that was pretty romantic as it is.  He ended up renting this “honeymoon suite” in Goderich, a little place.  It was cute. They had a heart tub.   I don’t remember a whole lot of that weekend other than a few things.   We went to the beach in Goderich where they had the pier and it was raining so he proposed there. He had the video camera so he caught the whole thing on tape.  He told me how he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me and then before I knew it, he knelt down with the ring and asked me to marry him. I was surprised and said yes.  It was the most amazing moment of my life.  I remember also that he had done a three year video of his favorite spots and a book of his 10 favorite memories.   I remember obviously making love to him and all that stuff.  I  took pictures of the ring.  We looked up dates.  I remember saying we were toying with May 27 and June something.  We decided on May 27 as it was on a Saturday two years later.  We met my husband’s grandparents as they were still in the area.  We did some shopping at Wal-Mart.  That weekend was memorable.  I loved every minute of it with Isaiah. 

I knew I wanted to be proposed on a beach and my husband knew that it would make me happy knowing it happened t hat way.  I didn’t plan or think about too much how the proposal would go or anything. I just trusted God and he lead my husband in doing this.

I did think about a beach wedding, but being married in a church was more important to me. I wanted the official witness of the Lord in the church seeing me and my husband being married in front of him and a real Catholic priest.  So obviously we did marry in the church that I spent my teenage  years in and now we use that same church as a family now.  Even though our boys were baptized in a different church.

My husband wanted to spend the rest of my life with me and he knew that at 18 and 20 and then 22 and still does today at 33.  I am the same way.   Of course, we’ve been through ups and down throughout our whole marriage and relationship but we’re stronger and more devoted together.   I knew the engagement and the wedding day was much more than that. Being married was being together for life and enjoying together with God.

I never had cold feet before marrying my husband at 22, and I still don’t today.  I would choose to marry him all over again. We’ve talked about renewing our vows down the road, probably at 15 or 20 year anniversary.  I secretly still think about the beach for the vows renewal but we’ll see.   Our wedding day was beautiful.  Of course, at every wedding, there is always some flaws (and we did have some in ours), but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I was ready at 22. I felt so lucky to have been proposed at 20 (actually almost 21).  I was the first of my friends to have done that.  My parents still talk about my wedding as the best one they have been to.  They know how my husband is the best romantic guy for me.   He does all he can to make his bride happy!  🙂   I loved the ring my husband proposed me with as it was the one I fell in love with at the time and I’ve worn it all this time until just this past Christmas. When my husband “upgraded” my ring.  (he had talked about doing that eventually too)! I still need this new ring to be blessed! 😀




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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