Valentine’s Day and Marriage

Sunday was Valentine’s Day.  My husband being the romantic guy that he has always been since he came into my life, he surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of red roses and Victoria Secret’s Very Sexy perfume.  The boys also gave me some flowers themselves and had a heart in there saying we love you mommy.  So sweet.   The boys drew flowers and made their own flower pot too.  Adorable.  Both the boys and my husband gave me cards too.   I also made sure I had a card for my husband and gave him Hersey kisses chocolate.  His other gift was delayed by one day in the mail. I gave it to him yesterday. It was a book on Husband After God. An devotional book similar to what my husband gave me for Christmas two years ago.

Something new happened on Valentine’s Day. We actually went to church as a family.  My church is awesome.  They chose this weekend to recognize all married couples who are celebrating anniversaries in 2016 from 10 years and up.  We were one of these many couples recognized.  I got a flower and we got a certificate from our pastor.   After mass, there was a little celebration of cake and drinks.  It was so sweet.  I loved it.  It was a fantastic morning.

But the whole point of this post. Is that you don’t just need valentine’s day to celebrate your love with your spouse.  You need to choose to do that EVERY DAY!  I celebrate my husband daily. I choose to love him every day. I choose to stay as his wife.  I pray my blessings to God for giving me love and finding that in my husband.  Celebrate every day as if it is Valentine’s Day all the time.  I love being in love and I will show my love for my husband in different ways every day.

We also must note that true love is from God.  God is love.  We are not alone. We are loved by Him. We are his children.  God wants us to be able to love others unconditionally just as he does for us.


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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