Learning to Love: Philia

Just finished week two of Darlene Schacht’s 4 week bible study on Learning to Love.  This week was about Philia. Philia means brotherly love and friendship.  There is this great verse from the bible in Romans 12:10 as follows:

Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another.

There is another one to know well in this type of love as follows from Proverbs 27:17:

Iron sharpeneth iron: so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend

The bond of friendship is to sharpen another in love. This is built by two people who care.

In this week’s bible study, we read about David & Jonathan.  God tells us that friendship is about deep affection, care and honesty and love.  Jonathan never let go of David.  He went to Saul to gently correct him about that David has done nothing wrong.  Saul decided to take on Jonathan’s word and didn’t kill him.  He allowed David to keep serving him. We can apply this to others by being friendly and kind.  Bring them up spiritually and keep them on honest road of themselves and God.  Respect family and friends equally. Manners, dress and the like. The Lord shows his love.  It is always constant.  He gives us good heads and hearts and teaches us to have that and keep that love throughout life into heaven.

In Job and his Friends, Job’s friends went to him in his need. They sat with him for seven days and nights.  They eventually brought Job down with his words.  Job remained faithful to his friends by praying for them.  He was also faithful to God the whole time and ignoring Satan.   We are to leave the fixing to God. We can comfort,  pray and listen to our friends.  We are to be wise with our words as we are to bring them up, not down.

With David and Ittai the Gittite,   David took care of everyone before himself. He didn’t neglect his household, his family etc.  David’s dependence was at God’s mercy and truth as it provided comfort and happiness for him and his friends.   We are to take care our friends before ourselves. We allow God’s love to join us as we bask in generosity for them.   God is a friend who loves us all the time. We aren’t separated from Him with life and death.



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