Hard Week

This has been such a hard week.  What I mean by that.  That my best friend lost her mom on Wednesday afternoon to cancer.   My best friend and the family found out about the cancer specifically pancreas just before Christmas. And unfortunately, the cancer was already in stage 4 so it was very aggressive.   It was very fast, especially within the last month and more so in the last week.   Her mom was only 59.  So obviously, she wasn’t done with her life yet.  She had plans to do more with her husband and with her daughters, son and grandson.

My best friend was constantly in touch with me.  I touched based to see how her mom was doing.  My best friend took stress leave from work so that she could be there for her mom.  To help care for  her and help fight for her mom.  My best friend was at her mom’s constant beck and call day in and day out.

I was fortunate to be able to see my best friend’s mom last week for a short visit.  While she was not at her best, she was still able to recognize me. It was hard though, in  her state.  And I was always there for my best friend. Just being there with her. Allowing her to talk and just listen.   Encourage her.

Being the best friend I am, I spent the last two days being with her.  I went to the visitation Friday night with my husband. We were there for two hours being with her and her family.   I had sent a gift of wine and chocolate for her to use when needed.  I also went to the funeral mass, the cementary and the luncheon on Saturday for her.

This certainly  has changed her life.  This is obviously a time to mourn, to weep, etc.   In time, she will need to find joy, peace.  She will find a new normal.  My best friend will always remember and love her mom.

I will continue to be there for my best friend.   Help her guide her life the way Go wants her to do.


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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