Mary: The Queen Mother

In today’s session with the mom’s group at my church,  we talked about Mary and the Saints.  The Symbolon dvd explained this in depth of who Mary is and how she is important to the church and the Catholic community.

Mary is basically the queen mother.  There are four dogmas of Mary.   According to, dogma is defined as an official system of principles or tenets concerning faith, morals, behavior, etc., as of a church. 

The dogmas of Mary are as follows:

  1.  Mary is the mother of Son of God. 
  2. She was immaculately conceived.  
  3. Mary has a perception of virginity. 
  4. She was assumed into heaven.

Immaculately conceived means that Mary was conceived without original sin and also conceived with sanctifying grace.   Luke 1:28 says that she is “full of grace“. 

The perception of virginity is prior to Christ, during Christ and after Christ. Mary didn’t give any brothers or sisters to Jesus. She was pure all her life. Devoted herself to Jesus and to God.

Mary was assumed into heaven with her body and soul when her earthy time was done. Because she is part of God and Jesus.  She remained faithful all her life.

The Hail Mary prayer  is actually centered around Christ.   Notice especially the line in the prayer, blessed is the fruit of the womb, Jesus.  The prayer is usually repeated 10 times in the rosary.  It’s based on the 15 decades.  

  1. Joyful – The Annunciation and birth of Jesus.
  2. Sorrowful – Jesus’ suffering and death.
  3. Glorious – Including Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension and Mary’s Assumption.

Mary protects, prays and guides for us on our behalf for Christ.  Everything about Mary is about Jesus too.  She is the spiritual mother for everyone.   We can look up to her. She has been through everything.   She is the role model of how we can be as a mother, wife, and etc. through Christ.  We can ask Mary to pray for us.

We are to honor Mary and the saints. Seek their intercession.  The saints bring us a closer relationship with God too.


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