Sex As a Good & Perfect Gift

 In this week’s devotional from J. Parker’s book, Intimacy Revealed, it’s about seeing sex as a good and perfect gift from the Lord.  Sex is blessed in the marriage.  We are to appreciate that sex was His idea and for us to recognize it’s beauty and blessing.

I do see sex as a good and perfect gift from God, because he created our bodies, our sex drive and uniting us as  husband and wife.  That we are meant to have pleasure in all areas.  I’ve known since I was a teen to know that sex is so much more than purely a physical act.  That was a big  heart thing to have for when I was ready to have sex and that I wouldn’t have any regrets.   Because sex is an emotional thing too, whether we realize it and it does affect us.

However, I did have sex before I was married.  Personally, I felt it was the right time and that I didn’t need a wedding ring in engage in sex.  I don’t have any regrets physically and emotionally.   But, the person that I gave my virginity to  was the wrong guy. It was my ex boyfriend.  I could have waited a few more months when I started dating my now husband because he did save himself for me.  Absolutely, he had lots of opportunities before me where he could have had sexual experiences but he just turned them down (and more so when we were dating as well).

We have seen and used sex as merely physical need to be met, but we find it is so much more pure, hot and holy and amazing when sex is connected as a whole in your marriage.  I love when I crave my husband because not only I want the physical pleasure and connection from him, but I also want his emotional, mental and spiritual connection to me. I feel more than the heavenly bliss. I feel safe, secure, respected, loved and enjoyed.

So we have had changes done in our marriage to make sex as a beautiful good and perfect gift from God to us.  We pray to Him to bring us sexual intimacy.  To help us indicate that connection with one another.   To keep us safe from temptation.  This world has Satan all over.  Viewing sex as a dirty and distasting act.  That sex sells in many forms.  The internet, the ads, the scandalous clothing and stores, and more.    Many parents don’t share sex in its true meaning with their kids or even teach sex.   The church doesn’t advocate sex in a positive view a lot.   I pray that me and my husband have open communication with each other. That we physically, and emotionally share our thoughts and feelings to each other.   To pursue each other up.  That we delight in each other bodies and not committing adultery with porn or masturbation or any other sexual acts outside of the marriage and it’s bed.  We are to walk in the glory of God and Jesus. That our sexual intimacy is to glorify Him.  I am a treasured jewel and so is my husband.

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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