Equal Marriage Bed

I’m catching up with the 52 devotionals from J. Parker’s book, Intimacy Revealed.  This one was from last week, but I didn’t get around to it until now. And the next post will have this week’s too.  J. Parker says that “God wants us to enjoy ourselves, but also bring enjoyment to our spouse ” (16).

In the past, I have been selfish in the marriage bed. I have a high sex drive, so if I feel unfulfilled sexually with my husband,  I went to taking care of myself with masturbation and porn.  However, in the last two and half years, I’ve been working hard in abstaining from that temptation. Because I want to glorify God and our marriage.  I want to be able to respect myself and my husband.  That I want to show my husband that I can give all of me sexually to him (along with emotional, physically, mentally and spiritually). It’s not always easy, absolutely. And I have failed from time to time, but not as often as before. I pray to God in this area in asking for forgiveness. To cleanse me.  I also pray for Him to spark some sexual intimacy together.  For my husband to indicate and go through with it fully.  I can be a tiger, but it’s not always the right time…. when it comes to sex.

I can pay better attention to my husband’s interests by being more available for him and waiting for him. Respecting his body.   I can communicate to him during it and before/after.   I absolutely want it to be a win-win scenario for the both of us in our marriage bed.   I could absolutely indicate in new activities or requests.  God wants us both to have pleasure together.  Because we are in one flesh. We are to bind together as one.  To be connected fully.  I want our marriage bed to be a place of fulfillment for us.  It absolutely has for the last two years, almost 3 actually.  I don’t like being selfish anymore in this area. I want my husband to be satisfied with me and our marriage bed too.  I always feel guilty now whenever Satan wins me over, and I take care of myself when I could wait longer, despite my higher sex drive.  I want sex to be enjoyable for both of us at the same time.  And that we could make sex very passionately, loving, affectionate, romantic and beautiful and amazing, hot and holy.

So it’s important for both husband and wives to check in and make sure that you both are on the same page sexually.  Fulfilled in all areas. You want your marriage bed to be strong and fierce!  🙂


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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