Fearless is Good!

Jesus wants us to be fearless. It wants us to embrace Him.  He wants us to embrace life and enjoy it to the fullest. He wants us not to fear God. He wants us to be bold and live like Him.

I was fearless as a child. Nothing stopped me from doing things I wanted to do.  I was adventurous.  Sure, there were something that drove my parents crazy but it was me.  They had faith in God.  I was born deaf and still am.  They refused to let that disability impact my walk in life in all areas.  And I love them for that.  They treated me as a normal child.  Their only daughter that they have spoiled endlessly.   I carried that fearless attitude into my teens.   Absolutely, I rebelled at some things.  What? I was a normal crazy teen that was hormonal and growing into a young lady. 

I married my husband at 22.  I fell in love with him at 17, and we tied the knot 5 years into our relationship.   And we are going to be celebrating 10 years married and 15 years of love together in May. And that is absolutely crazy, beautiful and messy.

 Sure, I’ve had some fears into my adulthood.  But I’ve remained faithful in God.  My trust has been up and down.  But I am much more fearless now.  I have a much stronger and deeper relationship with God now.   He has tested me into many rough waters with my marriage, parenting and other areas of my life.  I’ve gained more strength because of Him. Knowing that I can learn and mature and change and grow stronger because of Him.  Allowing Him to guide me and my life into His and His ways.

I’ve spoken up in what I want as long it glorifies Jesus and the Father.  In Grace and Respect.

Fearless is fighting in me.  I am to be fearless in everything. My marriage, my life, my relationships with everyone.   I want to continue to be fearless. I want to be bold in what I do.  I’ve been a stay at a home mom for almost 7 years now  and I want to be fearless that I can be the photographer that can offer London the photos that needs with families and couples.  I want to be the fearless one!

IF I can be fearless in love, I can be fearless in everything else that throws in my way, my life.  I can be fearless in being me and being stronger.

Don’t let anything stop you.  If you crave something that will give you happiness, love, success.  Do what you need to do to achieve it.  Make life fruitful and beautiful and bold! You want life to have no regrets.  You want your life to have grace, respect and love and joy.  Don’t let Satan give you fear.   Jesus wants you to be fearless!  He wants you to be strong!


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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