Connecting Couples

We are definitely connecting couples. Communicating and connecting is really valuable to marriage.  It’s important to connect on a regular basis, every day deal and getaways.   All these are a priority.

My husband and I make a habit of connecting throughout the day/night depending on what shift my husband’s on.  We text each other on his breaks. We have little conversations there and there when he’s home. It’s hard to have full on convos when kids are vying for our attention all the time.  We definitely try to talk more when the kids are in bed but that’s when we really want to relax and enjoy each other’s company in other ways.. snuggles, sex, and watching tv or movie together.

We definitely attempt to have date nights whenever we can get a babysitter or if the kids are able to have an overnight sleepover with the grandparents.  These definitely help because we can actually have a quiet meal alone together and talk more about US and other things.  Usually date nights happen once or twice a month. Sometimes more, if we’re lucky.  There’s been months in the past where we did go without a date night in a entire month or two.  It just depends on how busy we and other people are.

As for getaways, as in actual trips… it’s not very often at all. I mean.  We actually went through almost 8 years post-honeymoon in not having a trip away alone together and that was insane.  It was mainly because we were busy making a family and raising 3 small boys. We had chosen when we first married that we would do family before travels.  We were so grateful that we did go to Jamaica two years ago, Jan 2014 because it was very much needed for our marriage.  Our marriage was still restoring and healing itself back on track. We got to reconnect in a lot of areas during that trip.  And we said, we need to do this more often.  I knew that it probably meant not every year, but maybe every other year or two if we’re able to, even if it meant relying on tax returns money for that.   Anyways,  we are heading to Florida next week for a long weekend deal for a friend’s wedding.   We won’t be actually alone but we won’t have the kids so it still will be really good for us. And we just booked Mexico for our anniversary in late May and that is actually a full on week vacation down there with just US two!!  And this is special as I’ve mentioned before that our anniversary is 10 years married (and 15 years together!!).   I cannot wait for that!!! 😀 So, I love that we’re reconnecting a lot more this year and hope to have more date nights and daily connections at home as well in 2016 🙂

When couples connect in all these ways, it really helps make for a stronger, fierce and holy marriage. That it is intact and safe and secure.  That couples are really fighting and making time for marriage and for each other.  So connect away today and every day and during date nights and plan for getaway trips. Whether it’s a weekend or a week long vacation! It really does help! 🙂



About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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