Mental Sex

God gave us sex so that we could conceive babies into the world. We were able to conceive 5 times, but 3 of these babies made it here successfully in this physical world. God had wired our bodies and brains so that we could experience physical pleasure in the most intense way.   Sex helps mediate emotional pain.  God allows us to feel intimately and passionately connected to another person.

We have to remember that God created us as sexual beings. That having a sex drive and sexual thoughts are part of that package.

Shannon Ethridge says in her book, “The Passion Principles” the following statements that all people should remember and do. Shannon is talking about marriage and it’s mental state.  Marriage is a life-long commitment.

Both husbands and wives must intentionally make room for, and keep mental space available for, fueling the one relationship that is most important to our long term well-being” (Ethridge, 90).  

Marriage is three way street. You, your husband and God.   God can guide and help you both to choose every day to keep fighting for your marriage in all areas, and in all seasons of life.   You want your marriage to thrive stronger all the time with kids and without kids. 

“Our relationships must evolve into more stable, mature states that can be maintained for long periods of time” (Ethridge, 90).

Our relationship and marriage was like a roller coaster for the longest time. Finally in 2013, when we were nearly reaching our 8 years married (and 13 years together)… we really woke up.  It’s more stable, mature and way more stronger now than it has ever been. Because we choose every day to fight it and keep love lasting.  Because of our commitment to each other and for God.

“Two mature people who are fully committed to each other for life will learn the art of making love and the art of making love last” (Ethridge, 91).   

Sex gets better over time. Seriously,  sex got better when our marriage was turned around and God was in the picture… mainly at the center of US.   It happened at 8 years married, and now we’re reaching 10 years married (15 years together), and sex continues to be amazing!!!!

“Thinking of sex has become a way of bonding ourselves together in a very intimate, powerful way–through both the good times and the bad” (Shannon, 91).  

So you don’t have to just have the horny craving to indulge in sex. You can have sex for many reasons in love.

It is okay for married couples to crave for sex and look at each other sexually because it is love. I belong to my husband and I belong to him.   It is okay to celebrate each other and our love for each other because sex is freedom in marriage.  I love passionately looking and kissing my husband and teasing him.  He is the sexiest person in the world to me.  Not just physically but ALL of him.  Who he is in Christ,  his role as a husband and as a father.  He is my best friend, my lover, my one flesh.  We may not always indulge in sex daily but I definitely celebrate our love.

You shouldn’t have to feel shame to be naked, especially for and with your spouse. Because they love you and want to celebrate you.  They feel that you are beautiful.  We all are created in God’s image.  God created us in his splitting image. So remember that.  That we are loved in Christ.  And that we should give the same love to our spouses.  You don’t need your spouse to tell you that you are beautiful.  God gave us the gift of our bodies so that we could experience  pleasure.  That we are already beautiful on our own. I love baring my body to my husband, even though I am not what I was when we first met physically but I still love myself.  I am still beautiful to my husband.  My body was able to carry three precious boys to term successfully. My love goes beyond physically. I love how I have matured with the help of the Lord as a woman, as a wife and as a mother.  God wants me to celebrate all of me with my husband and that includes my sexuality.  It doesn’t matter if I crave sex more than my husband.  I am devoted to him and to the Lord.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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