Nov/Dec 2015 Update

Here’s what went on with me and my family over the last couple months of 2015.

November 2015

  • I had paint night date with my girls, Annie & Melissa doing wine pouring.
  • I went to parent/teacher interviews for Logan & Austin at school
  • Logan lost 4 baby teeth in total (over the course of almost two weeks).
  • We took the boys to Santa Parade in St. Thomas along with the in-laws
  • I was able to do 3 family fall photo sessions!!!!
  • I had a Broadway date with my mom to see Dirty Dancing
  • I had dinner out with Carol to celebrate her birthday

December 2015

  • My husband had his birthday on the 3rd
  • I took the kids to a fam get together for Aunt Di’s surprise 60th party in Corunna with my parents.
  • I became an Aunt to Césare on the 7th!
  • Double date with Alan & Meg to see Jim Jefferies
  • the boys got their Santa pic done at the mall
  • I did a DIY gift of sugar scrubs for the teachers and for the ladies in my life for Christmas
  • Celebrated Christmas three times on the 20th, 24 and 25th.
  • Alex proposed to Amanda on Christmas Eve. I’m going to be having an official SIL in Amanda likely in 2017!
  • new ring set from my husband on Christmas Day
  • Got my hair cut and dyed blonde/brown on the 29th.
  • celebrated NYE 2016 at home with Ashley and Mason and the kids.  The kids lasted till about 10:30.


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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