Final Out of The Box 2015 Update

I had updated last in June about our new adventures of 2015 as a couple.  So I’m going off where I left off! 

In July, we did the 5k Foam fest which was so much fun.  We even have signed up again for this August 2016!!!  Also in that month, we did our first paint night which was a sunset thing.  It was a lot of fun.  We plan to do another one together this year. I did do another one with a couple girlfriends that November doing a wine painting though.

In August, we did a couple dancing lessons. It was fun. We got to dress up and learn a few moves.

In October, we went to Rock Glen Falls. So that was pretty fun!!! We did a fall family shoot at Gibbons Park as well late that month.  We also dressed up as pirates for Halloween while our kids dressed up in different costumes.

In December, we went to a comedy show that starred a stand up comedian Jim Jefferies. That was really funny. We had booked tickets for it like in late August. SO that was worth the wait.  We also had spent NYE at home but still had my SIL & BIL over for some gaming fun.  We let the boys stay up till 10:30.

I feel like we have grown even more stronger and connected together as a couple and holding well in our marriage because of all the new experiences/adventures we have done together in 2015.

We are definitely planning on trying out even more new things for this new year, 2016!!!  New destinations, new sport fun, and etc.  We still need to draw up what we want to do LOL 🙂  I will definitely update later on what 2016 brings for us!


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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