My Heart & Holidays

The final week of the Quieting Your Heart” for the Holidays is finally here from Darlene Schacht’s devotional.  She’s a Christian blogger that I follow over at Time Warp Wife.  And this was the exact theme for this week.  It makes a point for the inner beauty to shine and serving that with your family with gladness and joy.  I read parts of Galatians, Luke and Peter this week for this devotional.

In Galatians, it talked about the Fruit of the Spirit.  The core message is that the Fruit of the Sprit has 8 things to share.   It includes love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.   When you follow Christ, you get a new life from the Spirit.  You then are to follow the Spirit as you journey through that new life.  We can apply this during Christmas by not giving pride, trouble or jealousy towards our family or neighbors.  Sin is a work of the flesh. Grace is the work of the Sprit.  We are to love to serve one another.

In Luke, it was all about the Good Samaritan.  The core message I found from that is that if you love the Lord with all your heart, soul, strength and mind, and also love your neighbor  the same as you love  yourself, then you will be able to have eternal life.  Your neighbor can be your husband, your family, friends, strangers etc..  We can apply this at Christmas by helping people in need as it is glorifying the Lord. This is caring.  Love to God means sincere, hearty and fervently which is in entire love.   We are to love God better than ourselves. That is how you apply neighborly love.  Faith means divine grace.  Jesus is and always will be the Good Samaritan.  He has compassion, binds bleeding wounds, pours his own blood so that he can take care of us.  Our duty is to succor, help and relieve all those in distress and necessity.   That is our life’s work for God.

In Peter,  I read about a meek and quiet spirit.  The core message is about the inner beauty.  Our beauty is the gentle and quiet spirit. This gift from God never disappears from us.  This is very worthy to God. It really glorifies him when we are being meek and quiet.  I can apply this at Christmas as a wife. I am to serve my husband by obeying him, doing what is right and not being afraid.  Showing him the respect he needs.  Living with him in peace, understanding, kindness, humbleness and gentleness.  Meek and quiet spirit is the ultimate ornament of the Christian woman and it can be an amiable ornament to the world.  The marriage of a husband and wife is being heirs together in grace of life , all the blessings of this life and the next, and peaceful & quiet living.

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