My Christmas Creativity

I decided a while back to try to do something new in my creative mode. My creative mode doesn’t happen very often.  I do love Pinterest but I don’t go crazy in actually using it to real life action (except for  Photography which it does give wonderful pose ideas in my sessions!) 😀

Anyway, the first one was for the teacher gifts for Christmas.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money or pick something that they would get a lot from other kids like gift cards or the common teacher gifts.  So I went a little bit out of the box.  I decided that I would do something home made, and I found a neat idea from Pinterest.  Peppermint Sugar scrub.  All woman even teachers do love to relax and rejuvive in the bath or the shower.  This goes either way.  It only needed like 4 things and it was super easy.  It only took me like 5 minutes really to do it.  But it took longer for me because not only I had to do it once, but I had to do it three times.  Logan does just have his main teacher but his younger brother, Austin has two.  His main teacher and the EA teacher.   Still, I didn’t mind since it was easy and smelled good.  Here is a picture of the final product! peppermint gift

The 2nd creativity was for Christmas treats for their classes. I wanted to try something different and that it didn’t need a lot of ingredients and not a lot of time.  Peppermint Bark was the idea that I went for through Pinterest.  It didn’t involve any baking in the oven. Just some mixing and refrigerating and that’s it.  It only needed 4 things.  It was easy but I still had a hard time crushing candy. I now know that a hammer would have done the job but that’s okay. It still had peppermint through the extract liquid stuff on top with the sprinkles as an alternative.  Still it’s the thought it counts right and I tried!  It still tasted good though.  Hope the boys and their classmates enjoyed it!  Here is a picture of it!

peppermint bark

Noticed the theme here this go-around of creativity this season? Peppermint.  I guess it just was drawn to me and works for the holidays. 🙂



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