Photography Joy

I find joy in photography.  It’s my modern version of pursuing passion and creativity.  I feel good in taking pictures of people.   Many people tell me that  I have an eye for it.

I was elated to be able to shoot 3 separate family photography sessions in November.  I was honored to be able to provide holiday pictures for them even though it was still very fall like because the leaves were still around, at least on the ground and some on the trees.  It is a blessing though.

There is still no sign of winter wonderland, but I am hoping to provide more photography opportunities in the next few winter months.  Maybe I will get lucky and be able to do one right after Christmas, but that is just wishful thinking.  It’s more likely in January, February or even March.  We’ll have to see! 🙂

I’ve been asked to shoot for a wedding next August to gain more experience and exposure.  I may be able to do another engagement session for someone else soon.

I really need to get on doing a separate Facebook page solely on my photography. I do have little album on my personal page, but I know it would provide so much more exposure for me if I have more of a professional one aside, and maybe in the new  year, a website.  My sister in law, Ashley has offered to help me in this area.  I’m not too tech savvy LOL.

That will be my wish for Christmas…. for my photography in more exposure and growth in 2016!



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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