My Home & The Holidays

I continue to follow along with one of the Christian bloggers,  Darlene Schacht over at She is currently doing a devotional online right now called “Quieting Your Heart For the Holidays”. 

We just finished up week three of the series. Next week will the last.  So the theme for this week was is Quieting Your “Home” for the Holidays. In my study guide this week, I read parts of  Proverbs and John.

In Proverbs, we learn of the Proverbs 31 woman in how she creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the home.  The core message is that the  Proverbs 31 woman is a woman who respects the Lord is to be praised.  She is good for her husband all her life, she rises early and goes to bed late, is the kitchen chef, handworker, strong, makes her clothes, is giving and confident.  This P31 woman speaks with wisdom, is not lazy.   She is praised by her husband.  In applying it this Christmas, I want to be prepared for everything. I strive to meet my husband and my children’s needs in warmth and comfort. I am to praise them.  I want to give and help those who are in need.   I am to apply myself as a virtuous woman to the Lord. I want to be a woman of spirit, command of my own spirit, manage other people, be my husband’s helpmeet, and be a woman of resolution.  Being a wife is my business to please my husband. I want to be fit to be trusted.  I am to share the law of love and kindness to him.  

More over in Proverbs, P31 is also a wise woman.  She builds her house.  This is done in making her house right, respectful, full of wise words and honest.  I am to apply it this Christmas by honoring the Lord in serving my house through chores, family and marriage.  My house belongs to the Lord.  Being a wife is a great blessing to the family.  The affairs are taken care of in all areas: prosperity, financial, children, and general house maintained.  I am to take care of it even though my husband is to lead and rule in it.  I am to be conscious through my actions and words.

In John, the core message of Jesus washing his disciples feet is that we are to serve each other just as Jesus has served us. We aren’t any greater than Him.  In applying that this Christmas,  I am to serve with joy. Jesus served everything and everyone with joy when he was here.  Jesus is joy. Joy is in heaven’s DNA.   Jesus loved his disciples to the end. This was done before he was crucified on the cross.  Washing his disciples feet was act of His love.  Jesus is content and rests in His love.  It is everlasting.  We are to wash each other’s feet. He teaches us a humble condescension which is to be servable to the sanctification to one another.

Stay tuned for next week as week four which is the last week of the “Quieting Your Heart for the Holidays”.



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