Healthy Christian Sex

Sex is a gift from God and should be shared in a marriage in a healthy way.  Sex isn’t just for guys, but for women too.  We can desire to share all of us (body, mind and soul) with our husbands.

Healthy sex suggests that we both matter. We both are desired.  Sex turns into making love.  We both want to affirm and please each other.  It  supports a marriage and makes it more fierce and lively and beautiful.

Healthy sex meets all needs in the emotional, physical and spiritual sense for both spouses. That you mutually share the  pleasure together. It serves that you both know, value, and are truly present together.  Desiring to connect together in this truly special intimate way.   It is to affirm and reaffirm you and your spouse as a individual and as a couple, and the core of your marriage.  Jesus is in this too.

This doesn’t mean that you have to indulge in sex every single day or have it multiple times but it should be regular.  To check in with each other in this intimately beautiful way. 

My husband and I connect with each other in many different ways in showing our love. Sex is truly one of my favorite ways to connect as a whole because the two bodies become one flesh.  We are in tune physically, emotionally and spiritually together. Knowing and feeling that we still are still good. That our marriage is still strong. That we still crave each other. 

We don’t always have the opportunity to pleasure each other every day, but when we do, this is us “reconnecting” as a couple. We come away from being mommy and daddy. But we re-enter as Julie and Isaiah.  We are still husband and wife.  I especially love it when he chooses to still stay connected physically to me after we finish because it means that he still enjoys and respects my body and my soul afterwards.  That doesn’t always happen  but I’m grateful when it does! Snuggles are awesome after that and the afterglow is amazing.  I always pray to thank God for our marital  intimate time and keep this area of our marriage intact and healthy.


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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