Family and Clothes

As a mom and as a wife, I am blessed that I can clothe them.  It’s one way of serving them and the Lord.  Of course, I don’t tell them every day what to wear because they can do it themselves, especially my husband.   Because they can choose what to wear.  I don’t want to be that crazy bossy lady all the time 😛

However since  my boys are still little, I make sure that they have the appropriate layers on. For an example, we are coming into winter so that calls for warm clothing. So every day when I tell my boys to get dressed for the day regardless if it’s a school day or not, it is for them to  make sure to pick out a sweater, t-shirt, and pants, along with the unmentionables and socks. So from there, they choose what color and comfort they want to be in.   I do dress my boys all the way through for church and special occasions.

I buy clothes for my boys when they are ready to size up some more, mostly for our oldest, Logan. His clothes usually get handed down to Austin, and Austin’s clothes  usually get handed down to Jackson. But that doesn’t mean, that occasionally Austin and Jackson will have a brand new outfit or a piece of clothing. They do get that for certain times of the year though.  I do love to go shopping.  It’s easier to shop for myself than it is for the boys but it is still done 🙂

I only dress my husband when we are going to be going out on a date or to a wedding or for special family events or family pictures.  Because I like us to be color coordinated well.  I do let him decide when it comes to church though but he’s pretty good with that 🙂

I let my husband shop for his unmentionables and socks because he knows what he likes.  I have gotten shirts and dress shirts for him in the past though and occasionally the unmentionables.

It’s essential that everybody has outerwear and footwear though more so for the spring, fall and winter.  Not so much in the summer LOL.  Summer doesn’t need layers or closed toed footwear.  I am thankful for my own mother who helps to remind me to make sure everybody is still fitted and she will take care of it if we let her. 

I’m a summer person so I do delay a little bit in getting my matters together when it comes to fall/winter though for everybody.  We all do get clothed appropriately inside and outside eventually.

I do laundry all the time and I do put away clothes daily.  I do fold, but I’m not perfect. My husband is so much better at folding and being more neat that I am though!

I’m not much of an iron lady, but I need to do that more often.  Especially since we go to church more now these days and everybody looks better when they aren’t “wrinkled” and to remember to “hang up” the special clothing especially for my boys. I do try to buy stuff that doesn’t need to be ironed but I do fail at that though.  So this ironing area is definitely one I need to improve on.


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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