My Head & The Holidays

One of the bloggers I follow,  Darlene Schacht over at  is doing a devotional online right now called “Quieting Your Heart For the Holidays”. 

This week is week one.  The theme is Quieting Your “Head” for the Holidays. In my study guide this week, I read parts of  Luke and Philippians.

In Luke, my message is that life is more precious than food and also that your body is more precious than food.  Your heart is the treasure.   In applying that this Christmas, my heart is the Lord.  I need to celebrate Jesus.  I am not to stress big or small things that come our way this Christmas.  The Lord is in my heart. He is my treasure.   It is our wisdom to take things as they are and to make the best of it.  Christ is our master. We are his servants.  We are to honor him.   We are to be waiting on him and attending to his motions.   We are to be ready. Jesus will come when we least expect him.  This Christmas, I can honor Jesus by serving my family with grace.  I can pray to Jesus at all times.  I am to guard my soul.  The soul is with the Holy Spirit.

In Philippians,  I am to be satisfied with what I have and with whatever happens.  This Christmas, I am to be content with my family and my marriage. Celebrate the Joy in Jesus.  Embrace the time I have with them and Him.  The focus is through Christ.  Christmas is not a stressful time. It is to be a joyful time.    It is done through grace.  We have to  act in  kindness in every area of our lives and in our minds too.

I like how my head is slowly learning to stay quiet.  Because my head belongs to the Lord.  He created me and my head.  Of course, I’m not perfect all the time, but as long I repent to the Lord, he forgives and leads me to the right way.

Stay tuned for week two.

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