The Heart of Christmas Movie Review

My husband and I watched this movie “The Heart of Christmas” last night on Netflix.  Before we watched it, I wanted to watch it because Candace Cameron Bure is in it (she is a beautiful Christian actress), and thought it was about Christmas to a degree.

We learned that this movie was centered on this family, the Lockes who’s son, Dax is diagnosed with leukemia at 13 months old which is a form of cancer.  This sweet little boy spends many months at St. Jude’s Children’s hospital going through several treatments.  And the mom meets other moms who have kids who are going through the same thing. They all develop close friendship, so much like family.   The mom starts a journal about Dax’s journey through all this.  The Locke’s eventually realize that Dax won’t make it to Christmas. So the last four-six weeks that they have their son at home, they do all they can to give and let whatever Dax wants to do because he had spent most of his life basically in a bubble at the hospital. He didn’t have much outside life prior to being home.  Their neighborhood decides to put on a early Christmas display on Halloween and the weeks after.  Even their doctor comes down to see them.  

Candace reads the blog (after being told about it from a neighbor in her kids’ friend’s neighborhood on Halloween) and learns that she is neglecting their marriage and kids, and so when she comes to see the family, that she says thank you for saving my family too.

The whole motto of this movie is to cherish this moment.  You don’t know what tomorrow brings.  You don’t know if you have a future.   You live today as if there is no tomorrow.  God only knows it. Our days are numbered.  You celebrate life TODAY!

It’s mentioned in Matthew 6:34 in the bible as follows:

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Also in Proverbs 27:1,  it states the following:

Do not boast about tomorrow,
    for you do not know what a day may bring

 The things that should matter in your life is your family and friends and GOD.  All the other things don’t have much of a priority.   Spend as much time that you are able to be with them.  Love them and celebrate them.  Be blessed that they are with you.  Create and give joy to them.  Memories are so precious!  it’s a gift really!

My husband and I had so much tears especially at the end of the movie too because this little boy, Dax passed and went home to Jesus.  Also because Dax’s parents had so much love and support from their loved ones (family and friends alike), they were able to go on with their lives and eventually have another child, a little girl that was named from one of the girls at St. Jude because of her amazing heart and soul.   The movie was heartbreaking beautiful and sad too.  It was a must see.  It’s very well done.  The actors are very much alike in regards to the real life family.

My husband chose to pray for us after this movie, and he just gave so much thanksgiving to God  in everything that is in our lives.  Our marriage, our boys, and the love that we have for them and for each other and our health too.  It was really touching and beautiful.  I love him more and more each day!

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