World Adoption Month

Adoption was an option at one point, while we were in our conceiving season, esepecially with TTCing and during pregnancy with Jackson.  But we have since moved on.  We realized that we are actually happy with our three boys, like we’ve come to peace enough. That we are parents enough.

But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to share joy for other people who choose to adopt.  I think adoption is a great thing.  It gives babies and kids a chance to live with a great family that would care and love them as if they were their own biological child.

My friend Beth who I have known dearly for a really long time.  We still stay in touch. We have play dates occasionally.   Her and her husband chose to go through the adoption process while trying to conceive their next child, and this was over two years ago.   Beth already had two kids naturally, although it took some time.  Boy and girl.  I had my own two boys, and I was also on the train to conceive more kids.  I think this was around before we were ttc for Jackson. This was actually was for Sea Monkey (SM)/Savannah Megan (2011).  But I lost SM.   And she still had no child baking in her. So    Anyway….  fast forward some time.   In May of 2013,  just days before I had given birth to Jackson.. Beth got a call from the hospital saying that they had a baby girl for her to adopt, and she brought it home.  Baby Girl Autumn.  It was a Monday. Jackson was born on Thursday.  And sure enough  a few months after Autumn was with Beth and her family… Beth finally got pregnant and was due in July 2014.  She had her daughter Mary then.   Anyways…. Autumn who had been “fosterly” adopted since May 2013, just finally got officially “adopted” as their biological child just this past September (2015) through the courts and she was thrilled.   She is beautiful.  

Beth homeschools her kids too, so she is super amazing mom.  She lives out her faith every day along with her husband, Derek.  And Beth also has a hearing disability like me. We both have cochlear implants.   So I value and appreciate Beth a lot. She deserves so much.  She makes things that seem impossible, to become possible to do!  🙂

So I love that she adopted and while it may be that Autumn is their only adopted child, I applaud her.  It is one of the greatest ministry thing that you can do!

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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