Saving Christmas–The Movie

I heard so much about this movie,  Saving Christmas that was starring Kirk Cameron in it so much around this time last year all over Facebook.  I knew friends in the States that had seen it.  The movie was only playing in selected theatres.  It never made it up to Canada, specifically London.  I was disappointed but moved on.

I thought okay.  Maybe the movie will eventually come out on dvd… only it took like about year later. Which is crazy.  However, we noticed this October (last month)  that it was being released through Amazon. So we ordered it.  It came like on Thursday.  We said we’d watch it together on the weekend.

We finally watched Saving Christmas Saturday night.  It was definitely worth it to buy it and watch it. 

Basically, it’s about Kirk’s brother in law, Christian who has lost all meaning of Christmas….. so Kirk helps Christian get a new fresh set of eyes on it with telling him where the Lord is with everything that has do with all the Christmas traditions and celebrations.  Even with Santa (St. Nick) too.   Jesus is really the center of it all. Always has and always will be.

For an example.  Kirk made the connection of trees and Christmas.  Kirk told Christian that this is found in Genesis.

This is what Kirk had said to him in the movie and it is true. Look it up.

Kirk: The whole biblical story starting in Genesis, starts in a tree lot. The Garden of Eden was full of trees. Adam and Eve were given the fruit of these trees to eat. And then the story calls our attention to two of these trees in particular – the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. [Visuals shown: Adam is shaved bald, and staring at a red glitter-covered, crystallized apple ornament.] And then later, we hear that one of these trees is off limits, because by eating it – man would surely die. And the other was off limits, because by eating it man would live forever… I’m sorry that was not off limits – man would live forever [if he ate of it] But the ‘tree of the knowledge of good and been evil’ was off limits because he would die. But Adam ate from the ‘tree of the knowledge of good and evil’ and was thrown out in the garden, so that he couldn’t eat from the ‘tree of life’. Mankind would have to wait until that path to that other tree was reopened by someone else. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll get back to that part later.

Right now, I want to talk to you about that evergreen tree – that’s decorated with stylized fruit and lights, that’s making you so nervous. You’re anxious because you can’t find it in the Bible. I’m going to help you. When God created the world, He filled it with trees. He hung fruit on the trees and when it was time to build His house and make it beautiful, God brought trees inside His House [Jewish Temple] the walls of His Temple were frescoed with the images of trees. The lamp stand, a key piece of furniture in His House, His Tabernacle – was an almond tree. And guess what he placed on the branches of the tree in His House? Lights. Beautiful trees decorated with fruit shimmering with lights inside a house – that’s God’s idea, not the Druids. And the early church had plenty of good reasons to celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25th, and it had nothing to do with the ‘Winter Solstice’. By the way, last time I checked – it was God who made the Winter Solstice, when He set the planets on their path around the sun. And actually it’s actually quite fitting that we celebrate the birth of Jesus in the Bleak Midwinter, when the world appears to be sleeping and dying and dark. The darkest and coldest time of year. Right then, at that time, we are proclaiming the turn of history from darkness to light, from coldness to warmth, and from death to life. So, enough with what pagans want us to see. Let’s look at what God wants us to see. All right – let’s go back to the story.

As I was saying, Adam stole the fruit from God’s tree and then Adam ate it. Now when you steal something, you are required to put it back. But how could Adam put it back? He had already eaten it. It had already gone down inside and become part of him. The only way Adam could put the fruit back is – this sounds crazy, but he’d have to put himself up on a tree. Now think. What did Jesus do? He was the last Adam. Jesus was able to do Adam could not do. Jesus was God’s blessed fruit – hung on His blessed tree, making us right with God.

Kirk: So, the next time you see hundreds of Christmas trees, I want you to see hundreds of crosses that never have to be used, because Christ died on a cross – once for all.

I knew all Christmas things had meaning to Jesus, but because of the movie, I gained a deeper understanding and connection of the modern world of presents, Santa, lights, tree, nativity and etc. with it’s relationship with God and Jesus.  It makes you really appreciate and love Christmas more. Because it is celebrating and glorifying Him!  Of course, as long it’s done the right way! 🙂

Kirk being a real Christian himself, did a great job providing it with the scriptures from the Bible to make that Christmas connection.   It’s full of love, cheer and joy and beauty.  He truly saved Christmas in this movie!


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