My Husband Is Gracious!!!

Oh I love my husband more and more all the time.  Thursday night,  I was hit with a tummy bug.   It hit me long after I had gotten home from parent/teacher interviews that I attended for my two older boys at their school. It was just right after I put my two boys to bed.  And then my husband was on night shift still at that time.  So he was at work.  We usually chat when he’s on his breaks. and  After that first break chat, I texted him back a little while later saying that I was going to bed early and that I wasn’t feeling well.    I go to bed around 9:30 that night… still had the shits and I actually threw up around 1 am.  I didn’t sleep very well that night. My mind didn’t shut off until after that 1 am incident.

My youngest, Jackson wakes me up at 6 am Friday and I still was feeling hot and really grumpy. Not a time I want to revisit.   As soon I made that first step down the stairs, I threw up on myself.  And I was really upset. So my husband who had only been home an hour earlier, got up and told me just go back to bed, only that before I went back to bed.. I threw up two more times in the bathroom…. UGH. 

This is where I love my husband even more.  He had a gut feeling after he got that text the night before that he would wake up to care for our kids all day Friday so I could rest and take care of myself.  And he did.  He did with only one hour of sleep!  All that with grace! I know that God helped him to do this with love and patience.  He took care of our three darlings. Took them to school and just hung out with Jackson. I did finally wake up around 11, and was up for about another hour. And then went back to bed for a little longer.  Then my husband had to go into work that night, so I was like okay, I can deal with my kids for a few hours before I can sleep more myself.   I was not myself so I went in my pjs to get my boys and I didn’t care.  I got them home and let them be themselves.  I had a early tub.  And just took it easy.   I still had another early night though.

Saturday was normal to a degree. I woke up for the kids as normal. Only that our youngest woke me up earlier than I expected but I dealt with it graciously. I wanted to let my husband get some sleep!  And I was able to go off to do a photo shoot after lunch and that went well.  I had a nap after I got home though and that helped more.   We were able to watch a movie  called Saving Christmas with Kirk Cameron.  That’ll be a separate post.   I still didn’t sleep well that night even with my husband being home in bed with me. And I was still feeling sick.  Pretty much just as bad as Thursday night.  Just the shits and throwing up and drinking a lot of fluids like crazy.

My husband let me sleep in yesterday.  So that was graciously needed.  and after that, I’ve felt normal.  I even went on a girls night out with my mom to see dirty dancing live on stage.   Watched our TWD show.   It was the first night in a few days where I was able to sleep comfortably with my husband and we snuggled all night.  And I slept well.

I know I’ve already expressed my appreciation to my husband personally already, but I want to again.   He’s been amazing. I couldn’t have asked for an better husband than him.  He is amazingly perfect.  I prayed and thanked God for giving him to me.  He did so much for me this weekend with the kids and the house.  He did whatever he was able to.  He even tackled grocery shopping with Jackson on Friday and that was great. That is grace and love!   So  I love him so much.  Thank you Isaiah for allowing me to rest and take care of myself.. not letting me worry about the kids and not being able to function.  I feel awesome today.  I feel healed again 🙂  I celebrate our marriage and our love.. we continue to grow more deeper together!


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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