Sept/Oct 2015 Update

Here is an update of what’s been up with our family this fall so far…


  • boys got their haircuts!
  • Logan started Grade 1 and Austin started SK
  • fam gathering on Isaiah’s side especially to see cousins Lindsay and Chelsea who are out west.
  • dinner date with Carol
  • joined mom’s group at church (biweekly) and J goes to babysitting room
  • date night with hubby to Rock Glen Falls and Knights game
  • met Genevive Fisher–country music artist that is local (from London) and is national.
  • massage with Jaime
  • Logan had  friendship celebration thing with his class and the other grade 1/2 class


  • took the boys to movie night at school and watched “Home”
  • hubby date night to see War Room and dinner at Jack Astors
  • Boys had picture day at school
  • celebrated thanksgiving three times.. in St. Thomas (Isaiah’s parents), Springstone (my family), and with Ash & mason at home
  • Apple Land Station with hubby and boys on Thanksgiving Monday
  • Logan started “reading” out on his own at school and at home
  • UH apt to get my device fixed
  • got our fall family photos done. They turned out wonderful!
  • saw puppetry of the penis (vegas show) at centennial hall with another parent from the boy’s school and went house partying with a girlfriend of mine that night too
  • my sister in law, Sarah had her baby shower… can’t wait for that sweet baby boy to come in December!
  • Halloween=great night.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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