Halloween 2015

So we celebrated Halloween on Saturday.  Both my husband and I grew up dressing up for Halloween and going trick or treating, and also dressing up at school in celebration for Halloween and having Halloween dances in high school.

The catholic schools have changed the rules since our generation of kids.  They now celebrate black and orange day, in lieu of dressing up.  Mainly I think so that the costumes don’t get ruined for the actual trick or treating night and/or there isn’t any freak outs from kids that get scared by certain costumes.  Also I know that Halloween costumes aren’t a sign of glorifying the Lord, especially the non-appropriate ones like the devils, etc.. It’s a way of playing sin.

However, I know churches still celebrate Halloween.   I know they provide it so it’s a safe place to dress up and get candy and have fun.  As long the costumes were appropriate and scary.   I have never been, so I have no idea what actually goes on, but I’m sure it’s just as fun as the normal trick or treating night.

We didn’t really dress up together when we were dating or even the first few years we were married. Halloween isn’t exactly my favorite occasion to celebrate. Both my husband and I prefer Christmas and it really focuses on Christ and the time celebrated in love with family and friends.  Honestly, the first time my husband and I dressed up together was really last year, and actually the whole family dressed up together as Power Rangers. It was a lot of fun.   So I decided why not, dress up again together, even though this time we didn’t have a separate Halloween party to go to (we did last year). So Isaiah and I were pirates.  I let the kids pick out what they wanted to be.  So Logan went with red toad, Austin was Yoshi, and Jackson ended up being Superman.  So I thought it was kind of cute they all were different.  My husband will have his turn at picking out costumes next year, but not sure if we’ll be able to pull off a whole family costume kind of deal like the Power Rangers.  And all it depends if my husband will actually be home on Halloween.  The last 7 years (with the exception of last year and this year being home), the  hubby has been on night shift. I’m hoping he will be on days next year.

Anyway, aside from the costumes… we went trick or treating with some school friends… Logan and Austin have known Victoria and Claire for the last two years, so it was fun to do that with them this year. It only lasted an hour but still something.  All of them had fun. 

Poor Austin though, he got sick afterwards… and he was like this for the past Halloweens too.  It’s the excitement that gets to him and so it overwhelms him.  He did have a Halloween party that he went to earlier in the day too for another classmate, so that probably put that over the top too.  He seems better now though!


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