Being a Warrior in Baking

Baking isn’t my cup of tea to be honest.  But yesterday, I was baking…. Halloween cupcakes for my two boys and their classmates.   I had thought about doing this within the last couple weeks.

I’m truly not a kitchen babe. I really don’t. I rather spend my time in the living room relaxing or serving the Lord through the cleaning of my house.

I did it though. I only bake cupcakes on occasion when I want to or I feel that it’s needed to be done.   It was long though. 48 cupcakes.  It took all afternoon and the evening of yesterday.  I did take a little break to feed the boys dinner, and then another small one to do their bath time and bedtime stuff.  

I was growing tired as I carried on especially after the boys were in bed.   But I felt the Lord’s strength and energy.  This was a small ministry I was doing as a mom for my kids.  I was like I can push through. I can do this.   I did the frosting and the decorating.

It ended up being pumpkin cupcakes.  Felt it was Halloweeny enough.  I’m not pinteresty mom much.  So I just went with my own idea.   I know I’m not creatively pefect.   I know it wasn’t all centered and straight.  But It’s the thought that counts, right?   The boys’ school are definitely all about healthy food and snacks, but they do allow special treats like this when it comes to certain occasions like today, other holidays and birthdays.

I felt accomplished though. I felt like I did something good.  I was serving motherhood.  My husband was like wow, your amazing. I love you.   You went beyond the basic cupcake.  I guess I did.  My mom said that she was proud of me.  She knows I’m not like this normally.  I guess I was a warrior last night.

The boys and their classmates are devouring them today. So  I hope they enjoyed it!  Here’s a picture of one of the batches I did.

I might attempt this again for the boys’ classmates for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  We’ll cross that bridge when it’s closer.   

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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