Plan of Salvation

The Symbolon series was continued this morning at the mom’s group session.  This week’s theme was about the Plan of Salvation.

Salvation starts with creation, then fall, and lastly redemption.

Creation is the united family of God.  We are made in God’s image.  There is unity with God and humanity. Fall is basically broken human family.  This has to do with sin and death. Redemption is one universal church which is the Catholic Church.   It passes on the teachings of Christ.   Jesus is redemption.  This salvation path goes from Adam to Jesus.  It’s Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and then Jesus.

It also talked about Promises to Abraham which was nation, kingdom and world wide blessing.   Nation was given to Moses.  David had the promise of the kingdom.  Jesus has the world wide blessing.

Salvation is basically between God and Man.     God Man is Jesus.  God had sent him to humanity to live and die for us.

  The world has lost it’s story.  People forget where they came from.  The world is lost from God.  It’s wrapped up in the world of humanity…. the desires of evil.  The world isn’t glorifying God because it’s sinning from everything, and the focus on Him isn’t there at all.

It’s mentioned in the bible about the tree of life and death which was in the garden of Eden.   Adam and Eve were not to touch and eat the apples from that tree.  They could enjoy life as long they didn’t tempt to that.  But Eve did, and she told Adam to do it too. So they had “fallen”. They felt shame because they had sinned.    Jesus was the last Adam in a different garden. and he had repented to God.  He had died on the cross hours later. 

Basically in the life of a Christian… we are saved. Because we can regain the paradise lost.  We can do this because Jesus had redempted.  We live beyond ourselves. We live in the life of God.  The world is lost in a battle of humanity.  We can rise above the morality of the world. 

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