Honest and Prayerful Sex

We prayed last night before we went to sleep. It was actually our goal to do it right when we got into the bed to relax, not particularly right at “sleep” time. But we had almost forgotten, and I said we need to pray. So my husband prayed in our behalf for various things. 

Then, I didn’t think that our sexual intimacy would happen at all. I just try to accept and enjoy it whenever it does happen these days. I don’t always indicate.  I try to let my husband indicate when the mood strikes. It did happen.  Sorry for the blunt honesty.  But this is real in our marriage.

I guess it is a thing for guys.  They don’t have to be “fully” up or erect to really enter the woman’s vagina and let pleasure take place.  So it was that stage last night.  But I just let myself go in prayer, and allowed God to take over.  And I just indulged in our marital sexual bliss with love.  I wanted him too!

I was prayerful afterwards. I was in glow. That my husband wanted to reconnect with me with all of himself–sexually, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, no matter how “up” he was.  That I enjoyed being with him. That I love him and that he still wants and desires me.   That I am still worthy of being his wife.  So I thanked God for our intimacy to take place. That He is still wanting to keep my marital bed with my husband HOT.  I love Jesus and my husband!

Comparing sex isn’t good.  Just be gracious when your husband wants to indicate YOU.  That He wants to make love to you. Not because  he is horny. That he is validating you as his wife.  That he wants to “reconnect” in this area.  Sex is a vital area that can keep the marriage pure and holy and it does glorify God.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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