Embracing Autumn

In the past years,  I haven’t really embraced autumn, until I did my own photography last year.  I took someone’s else family photos. and I thought immediately…. that’s when I want our family photos done the following year… We had done beach photos (which was a bucket list idea of mine for last year).

 Autumn is really beautiful for their changing colors on trees, and the leaves on the ground.  The smells of thanksgiving and pumpkins celebrating Halloween.    Summer still stands as my favorite season of the entire year, but I’m starting to really fall in love with Autumn more.   I have been really attempting to appreciate the nature that God gives in this season.  My husband and I went to Rock Glen Falls earlier this month, and while the Falls weren’t running full blast, it was still beautiful. It was relaxing to walk on the trails with the trees.   We went to Apple Land Station with our beautiful boys on Thanksgiving Monday. While we weren’t able to pick apples as there wasn’t any left on the orchard, but we still enjoyed the other festivities like the corn maze, the pumpkin patch, the train ride, and the sand hill.   And we’ll finally get to do our own autumn family photos at a favorite park this Friday after dinner.  I think it’ll be really awesome!  

Autumn also celebrates the resuming of school which started back up in September. So it was good busy change.  That the boys are back to learning and growing more in their academic career, and I get more one-on-one with Jackson.

Autumn is cold, but I’m starting to grow into comfy and cute clothes. I’m generally a tank top girl and jeans.  But I’ve grown to like leggings and plaid button shirts or sweaters or tunic tops.  I still love lace and mesh stuff, so I’m just working around it, and still be beautifully modest with that. I also got into infinity scarves last winter, and still like wearing them when I want to.   That’s what you get for being over 30 and just growing into me, more.  Changing your trend while still being yourself.  Seasons are time of change 🙂

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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