Our Family’s Comfortable!

Our family is comfortable the way we are.  I’ve established routines for our children since they were newborns.  When it came to bath time, sleep and meal times.  Because children thrive on routine.  I am a stay at home mom, but I don’t homeschool my kids.  They get their academic education at school. But we do teach common sense things like manners and things like that long before they start school absolutely.

This is our day routine right now:

Our children have breakfast pretty much after they wake up.  Our oldest Logan wakes one of us up at 7 or later, and everyone else pretty much wakes up then.  We start breakfast.

The boys usually change into daytime clothes and brush teeth about 8 am or so for the day (especially on school days)… we’re lazier with that on the weekends, but that’s the weekend.   If we’re walking to school, then we’re usually out the door around 8:30/8:40.  But If I am driving, then we leave around 8:45/8:50 or so.  It all depends on the weather.  The older two are at school from 9 am to 3:35pm.

J is still home with me.  Sometimes we have play dates throughout the week.  We do try to go to play group on Wednesdays.  Sometimes we make a mall or a store run.

Jackson will have lunch b/w 11-12. Depending on what we are doing.  Then he usually has a nap around 1:00 and sleep until 3ish.   He does nap longer if the husband is on night shift and I can leave him home with him when I get the boys or vice versa.

J and I pick up the boys.. sometimes we walk or I drive. Depending on the weather. Regardless, we’re usually there by 3:30.   If the weather is nice, we’ll have park time right after school, and then head home around 4 or so.

Dinner is usually around 5pm.  I usually make their school lunches after dinner.   Then the boys have their “cleaning” b/w 6-6:30.  Logan and Austin have started to take showers, so they usually do that first and then J just has his own tub afterwards. 

Bedtime starts about 7:3o. We clean up.  Brush teeth.  Read stories (the older boys usually have their weekly library book to read).  L has just started to do his own reading homework at this time,where he practices “reading” out to us with his classroom book that he brings home nightly.  Then we pray and tuck them in. Jackson is usually the last one to put to bed. So by the time we’re at lights out, it’s about 8pm.  

Then the hubby and I have some down time together until about 1o-11pm.  It’s just me when the hubby is on nights.  Then bedtime for us. (it’s later on the weekends).

The schedules change in the summer where the bath/shower and bedtime gets moved up to an hour later, so 7-7:30 for cleaning and 8:30-9pm for bedtime stuff.   It also gets changed when they are being babysat with someone else because it’s only on occasional basis, so it doesn’t matter if they are up half an hour later or so.  Because the kids are in their care. Same thing when they are away with the grandparents for a sleepover or a vacation stay.  We leave it up to them as they’ve established their own times for things for them, although it’s not too far off from ours so it hasn’t been a problem.

We aren’t on the go-parents much. I mean we’re home a lot, but we try to have board games times with them. Interact with them with home movies.  We do family walks with our dog whenever possible. Same for park fun.   We do attempt church when as much we are able to.  Once in a while we will do something out of the ordinary.. like for an example, we went to Apple Land Station on Thanksgiving Monday.  We are doing our yearly photos on Friday (it was supposed to be yesterday but got moved due to weather changes).

I don’t like to do a whole lot of things because I do get stressed out or overwhelmed. And I don’t want to overdo the boys or my husband either.   I like having peaceful time with my family, with just my husband and myself.  The boys aren’t in much activities outside of the home/school.  They did have soccer in the spring/summer.  They will do swimming sometime this fall/winter. 

We’re just comfortable the way we are. We function just fine.   I’m not always pinterest food or things everyday. Maybe once in a while.  I’m sure schedules and newer  things will come up as the boys grow up and have more interest in different things.  This is our family.

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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